• Damascus Steel Comb by Four Caliphs Collection


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    An Absolute Stunner

    Damascus Steel Pocket/Beard Comb by Four Caliphs Collection

    Handcrafted in Toronto, Ontario

    Forged from 64 Layers of Steel - Melted, Hammered, Twisted & Hammered again to create this piece of art. Due to the hardness level of Damascus Steel, this comb isn't made with lasers the way your standard metal combs are manufactured. Grinded with thick metal blades, buffed, then hand-filed to create a smooth combing experience. Allow yourself to see the perfection in the imperfections of this hand-made comb. For those who don't know much about damascus steel, each pattern is like a fingerprint - You won't find any two pieces with the same patterns. Each with a character of it's own, made for the one who prefers the finer things in life.

    Next is the carefully Oil Treated and Handcrafted case made from Full Grain Cowhide leather. Dyed and Hand-stitched in a heavy duty leather lace to achieve a medieval/vintage look and feel. A theme that will take you back in time, with a piece that's bound to spark a whole new conversation when it hits the table. 

    Measurements: 4" wide by 2.5" tall

    Weighs at roughly 130 Grams

    Maintenance: Damascus Steel consists of high levels of carbon steel, which isn't "stainless", due to this, it's highly recommended to ensure regular maintenance of any damascus steel products. The maintenance is as simple as applying mineral oil, or non-fractionated coconut oil at least once a month or bi-weekly and this piece will last you a lifetime iA! The leather case is already oil treated for you so that it does not feel the need to absorb any oils that are lubricating your comb.