• SR Beard and Moustache Scissors and Comb Kit


    A finely crafted and well balanced set of Stainless Steel Scissors (52 HRC) and a Japanese Style Beard Comb by Suhaib Rumi.

    The Scissors are 5" in total length with another 1/2" finger rest. Hardened to 52 HRC and well balanced to provide a smooth and clean trim without any distress. The Fulcrum when turned clockwise tightens the blades and counter clockwise to loosen them based on your preference. The finger rest is detachable with a rubber washer so as to not damage the screw threads. Rubber stopper in between the finger slots are added for a nice quiet trim.

    The Beard Comb is also made of stainless steel and hardened to increase durability. The comb teeth have been buffed and polished for a smooth combing experience. The Comb total length is 5.5" with the comb teeth at 2.25"