Frequently Asked Questions:


Does your beard oil promote hair growth?

Our beard care products contain ingredients that promote hair growth, strengthen and condition the beard when applied regularly esp in the dry winter months or after washing your beard which would strip it of all its natural oils. The bulk of our beard oils contain Jojoba oil. Jojoba is very in properties to our skin's natural oil (sebum) and this makes it suitable for men with acne prone or sensitive skin to use on their beards. To find out more about our ingredients in detail; visit our Ingredients page.


Is your beard oil Halal?

Contrary to popular belief amongst the Muslim Community, Most (if not all) Beard Oils are Completely Halal. We have not yet come across any beard oil company that adds Alcohol in their products as alcohol would be detrimental to your hair and beard oils are all about strengthening, conditioning, and promoting hair growth. And speaking of products containing alcohol, most perfumes contain alcohol and are not considered haram or najis (impure). Alcohol in itself is haram (forbidden) to consume but it is not considered najis therefore it is not considered haram when applied to the body or clothes. This is the opinion of the majority of scholars with the exception of a few. Regardless, our beard oils and beard oils in general do not contain alcohol.

Unfortunately there are a handful of companies who advertise their beard care products as "halal" or "alcohol free" to capture the Muslim market and it's a shame but we advise our customers to simply read through the ingredients list of any beard care product from any company of their preference to see for themselves if it contains any haram ingredient.

While on the subject of "halal" - the issue arises when using beard brushes. Majority of beard brushes out there are made from "boar bristles". This is definitely haram according to our scholars and should be avoided. Swine/boar products are considered impure (najis) and should be avoided at all costs and the entire concept of having a beard for a Muslim is to follow the Sunnah (path) of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and without sounding extreme here; wouldn't using a najis(impure) product on your beard be insulting to the sunnah instead of honoring it?


Where are your beard care products made?

Our beard oils and balms are all handcrafted in our Toronto Facility in Ontario, Canada.



Can we purchase your products from a store instead of ordering them online?

Definitely, Visit our Stockists page to find a retailer near you.